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Shudder the walls, heat the dance floor – if in the evening the thought suddenly knocked on your head: “where is the disco today?” We will tell you. In Kiev, you can dance on such a scale that you have to change shoes, name and lifestyle. And if no joke, then we chose four places with different mood, music and atmosphere. Where to go and where to relax – choose for yourself. Go?

Disco in Kiev

Disco in Kiev: what and where?

Remember summer disco in the open air or in strange houses of culture? What about discovery with lasers, wild DJs and light show blasts? Or do you prefer a Latina with her hot touches, breathing and thigh movements? If you like rock and roll or some thematic dance, in Kiev there is everything your heart desires. We will go according to the old scenario: the evening ceases to be languid and the soul asks for music – where to go?

place where you can dance in Kiev

Look for me at the club: a wild rave at D.Fleur

The same option, when you want an explosion, noise and impressions, but that everything around is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the DJs are only the best. In the club D.Fleur on the dance floor is ruled by freedom and mood. Here you can dance at a thematic party or under the sets of electronic music gurus, or you can relax in the mild comfort of the restaurant.

The club itself is hiding in the historical center of Kiev and offers safe parking for non-drinkers. And if you decide to break into one hundred percent, inside you will find two bars and a whole selection of designer cocktails.

If the legs require rest, and the stomach – a holiday, go straight to the restaurant D.Fleur. There, the chefs collected all the treasures of Asian and European cuisine.

What to eat?


  • Appetizing wok and indian sauces

  • Shrimps, lobster and fresh salmon

  • Greek appetizers and tender Italian desserts

And all this you can cook on an open fire, in the incredible technology “su view”. What does it mean? That each dish will be with its own unique taste. You just need to try and enjoy.

where you can dance in Kiev in the club

What’s the music?

Dissolve in time and space is not difficult. The thing is that in the club D.Fleur music is the main character of the evening. It sounds like it spreads through your veins and vibrates in your ears. The VOID audio system tries its best, all so that you can say for sure: this is just a gap! The club’s acoustics also require applause, and the whole interior is designed so that you feel at the epicenter of a musical tornado.

The club with a dance floor the size of a swimming pool, covers a wave of complete freedom of movement and energy. The case when you can let yourself go free and not huddle together as at a school disco.

In general, if your question in the language is “where to hang out in Kiev?”, We send you with a clear conscience to the club D.Fleur.

where to dance in Kiev club

Disco today: good old dances

If you want to remember the times when you were allowed to enter the club only in a festive dress, and “Hands Up” were played on the disks, feel free to go to the disco. In the summer, they work outdoors, and in the winter they move to the premises. Here you can hear the best hits of the 90s and 2000s, bang tequilas, circle the crowd and see the brilliant youth of the capital.

Of course, DJs play here too, and it’s better to book a table in advance. Those who have ever come here know where to dance so that they can soak their feet in water with salt for two days.

A bit of passion in Latin rhythms

Even Captain Obvious will say that the hottest disco is with Latin dances. Something incredible is happening here with the dancefloor: the degree of passion and body temperature surpasses it, and the best casineros, line makers circle their partners, as in a tornado. If you are looking for a place to hang out in Kiev with a slight touch of a holiday romance – you can safely go to clubs that teach you to dance salsa.

to dance in Kiev today

Drown in the rave waves

If the maximum you are ready for, is to swim in the waves of electronic music and spread in smooth movements through the air – we can please you. In Kiev, there are plenty of parties with techno, subdued light, urban interiors and a la “friends at the hut” atmosphere. Feel free to dig into the Internet poster and look for the most incredible raves, it will not be boring for sure.

And some life hacking for those who want to dance the night until the morning:


  1. If you are looking for a place to dance, remember what kind of music you like – otherwise you risk dancing with techno and longing for Bon Jovi.

  3. Choose comfortable shoes, the times when you could only get to the club in Labuteni passed.

  5. Remember that disco today is first and foremost an atmosphere. Find a place where you can not only dance from the heart, but also chat with cool people, eat something tasty or drink the author’s cocktail

Ready to take off? We would spare your feet, but the capital is waiting!

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