Where to spend New Year’s corporate party 2019 in Kiev?

 In Лучший ресторан в Киеве

Don’t know where to spend the New Year’s corporate party? Where to note the approach of the New Year 2019 in the company of colleagues or business partners? D.Fleur will help you with this task. We have a large banquet hall for up to 200 bangs, a karaoke room, where you can also hold a corporate party, as well as a restaurant and a club. And all this in the city center. You just need to call “D.Fleur” and clarify all the nuances with our manager. Here you will find a wonderful interior, music, an interesting show program, a karaoke room and attentive staff.


On the eve of the new year, you can arrange a real celebration for your colleagues, employees and business partners. Restaurant “D.Fleur” invites you to celebrate the approach of the New 2019th Year in a cozy atmosphere in the center of Kiev.


Celebrate New Year’s corporate party in karaoke

Non-standard and very attractive solution. Spend New Year or corporate party in our karaoke room. Here everything is provided for a comfortable stay. Large tables and leather sofas. Kitchen from our restaurant. The hall accommodates up to 80 people. You can rent a karaoke and is located there in your closed company. We encourage you to consider this offer.

karaoke hall in Kiev for the new year

karaoke bar in Kiev for the new year

karaoke hall in Kiev for the new year


But it is worth remembering that this is the hottest time for a corporate holiday and it is worth pre-booked seats. DFleur is the best restaurant according to many editions of Kiev. We recommend to visit and see for yourself.

Spend New Year’s corporate party in the banquet hall “D.Fleur” You can at the address. Mikhail Grushevskogo 3, Kiev. Or book a table by phone: +38 (073) 200-90-09; (044) 200-90-09.


You, as a true connoisseur of beauty, know your desires better than anyone, but the “D.Fleur” restaurant knows them as well as you. Therefore, in the days of New Year’s holidays, “D.Fleur” offers you a real celebration, enchanting and unforgettable, one that only you deserve! Do not argue, you just wanted to.

To begin with, no holiday can take place in silence. Of course, your laughter, your conversations and, perhaps, your songs are an essential attribute of the event. But since “D.Fleur” fulfills your desires, then by the big New Year holidays we will delight you with original show programs. What kind This is still a mystery, because it is impossible to disclose all the secrets in advance. But be sure – you will like it.

In addition, a wonderful presenter will come to your celebration, who will not let you be bored for a second. Under his leadership, you will relax the whole evening, resting to the accompaniment of cheerful jokes and interesting replicas of a professional show host.

And at night, when the stars flash in the sky, when a luxurious firework crumbles into a million lights against the background of the night city, when the New Year comes to your door, only then you will start an enchanting disco until the very morning!

Adequately meeting the New Year – you will adequately spend it in the future.

TO BOOK A RESTAURANT IN A NEW YEAR NIGHT in “D.Fleur” you can call: +38 (073) 200-90-09; +38 (044) 200-90-09

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