Where to go in Kiev at the weekend – entertainment of any format

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Turn on the summer – Kiev is already melting, like a ice cream, on the number of hot events and merry concerts. Only Friday comes, as usual, suddenly and to plan where to have a rest this weekend turns out to be an asterisk. We collected for you the right script for the weekend. To always be ready, as a pioneer to a brighter future. Ready to burst into impressions and emotions?

4 ways to have fun without traditional going to the cinema and bars

At the weekend, as a rule, it is difficult to force yourself to get out of bed early. But, we have the right motivation for you. Write down – 4 options for non-trivial rest in the capital.

1. Author’s morning excursion with old courtyards. Imagine yourself the hero of the film Hitchcock, only in Kiev. Look out for the secret gates, corners and arches of old streets. You can get to know the city in a new way, read its secrets and declassify its history. If you want real entertainment – get up early and explore a sleepy city.

2. Cycling on Trukhanov Island or Health Path. Yes, yes, this is for active and fans of oxygen cocktails. As a rule, on weekends parks are packed with crowds of people who also do not know where to go. Therefore, it is better to explore the secret Amazon of the Dnieper and the jungle of the capital with the first rays of the sun. Bike in the legs – and go to ride, you can take a guide and even arrange a bike quest with friends.

3. Check out all food fairs and street festivals. If you need to urgently decide what to do this weekend, open the poster of all street disgraces – from festivals to exhibitions and flea markets, choose what you want, and relax in a noisy crowd of like-minded people. There is always where to go in Kiev, if you know for sure that you want to eat tasty food or find a unique hand-made T-shirt for friends as a gift.

4. Break into an open-air concert. Urgently study all the roofs of the capital, they often play jazz, arrange DJ sets and other musical orgy. Usually, all this fun is accompanied by tasty snacks and a bar, and most importantly – by the canceled company of lovers of unhurried musical meditation in the rhythm of summer. If it seems that there is no place to go to Kiev, then you simply never looked for open-air concerts. Correct urgently.

Where to go for a weekend in Kiev: an individual adventure map

Plans for the weekend in Kiev usually look like a strategy of capturing Napoleon of young and virgin Europe – slightly exaggerated. It seems to you that you need to catch everything, or in general then you should not leave the house? Do not despair, you only need to properly prioritize and skillfully plan the movement. We drew you a convenient map of entertainment: Kiev is waiting, and where to go – decide for yourself!

• Hem and Andrew’s Descent. Here you can find a number of atmospheric bars, museums, the opening day of unusually expensive souvenirs, galleries, parks, and in general everything your heart desires. The story has its own options, where to go on weekends in Kiev – the constant top beau monde and the intelligentsia – places of entertainment on Andriyivsky Uzviz. Previously, there were fabulous brothels, at home, after all, writers created their masterpieces, and directors made films. Today, there are plenty of mystics, fashionable party places, and secret courtyards with a cocktail menu. The main thing – look into all the interesting doors.

• Center and loud club life. Leave walks on Khreshchatyk stray tourists. Immediately boldly go to the clubs – for example, D.Fleur. Here you and the historical center with its bohemian atmosphere and modern theme parties. If the urgent question is: where to go in Kiev this weekend – unanimously choose D.Fleur. And great music and top DJs. And an appetizing cuisine from chefs who have mastered the sous vide technique. And all this was packed in a stylish club with an excellent interior, an incredible audio system and a loud dance floor. In principle, if you want to calmly smoke a hookah or discuss urgent matters, there is a cozy lounge area for relaxation.

• Mariinsky Park and the green oases of Kiev. If you want to air a little thought – move in the direction of the park and the Mariinsky Palace. Look behind the Arsenalnaya metro station at the Green Theater and take a deep breath, they say, on the weekends, the trees provide even more oxygen. Let it be true – then you will always have a decision where to go. There are enough parks in the city, we recommend the Syrets, Goloseevo, Kitaevo, Pushu Voditsa and its unchanged tram.

• Cinema has not been canceled. If you push further beyond the center, you can get into the real maze of movie posters and screens. Moviegoers always have the answer, where to go for the weekend in Kiev – the capital offers cinemas near all the main metro lines and for every color and taste. Usually, all the czens are going to the cinema for the weekend, so avoid the popular time for sessions and go to the premieres in the morning or late in the evening. Better yet, plan to go to Kiev to the cinema venue, or rather, to go down. No car there in any way.

• Explore the Dnieper with its beach houses in the trees, dance floors and places of relaxation. During the day, you can dig in near the pools or right at the edge of the Dnieper, visit yoga instructors on the beach grounds of the Trukhanov Island, or lie down on the floor in the beach areas. But in the evening – settled in bean bags in one of the coastal bars, you can have a cup of flavored Chinese tea, or you can have a glass of sparkling tea – here everyone has their own search for entertainment.

Always ready: a brief reminder for adventure hunters

If you are too lazy to decide and long fumble on the Internet, rely on the club and nightlife in Kiev – you will not lose. To get maximum impressions and pleasures, follow three simple rules:

1. Look for clubs in the city center. Right in the green park is a luxurious D.Fleur, which we have already remembered and can not remain silent. Because this is exactly the case when the designers have tried with the interior, the chefs have surpassed themselves, and the music just turns you off from everyday life. Here there is a unique sound system, the equal of which is not found anywhere else in Ukraine – so tell me, where else can you listen to the best DJs and organize parties?
2. Remember that evening does not end. There is always where to go in Kiev and after midnight and far after midnight. Do not limit yourself to institutions “only until 22:00.” Moreover, it is possible to eat tasty food, try author cocktails or raise a hookah in a good club even deep after midnight. Our choice is unequivocal, D.Fleur with their smoked eel foie gras in Nobu sauce, lobster meat and Norwegian salmon steak. Yes, such a kitchen is possible after 6 and after 12.
3. Move and do what you are not used to. If you always follow the instructions, nothing new will happen. Discover new clubs, choose bright images and plan to dance a lot, move and dive into emotions. If today you suddenly did not plan your weekend, do not despair, there is always a place to go to Kiev for the celebration of life. Dances, restaurants, cinema marathon, hookah-party, jazz, electronic raves and theme parties blow up the capital not only on weekends. And what to say about the weekend – close your eyes, imagine what you want and feel free to release your desires outside.

Briefly summarized, at the weekend Kiev turns into an unprecedented fair of impressions and entertainment. And in this bouquet there is everything: from a climbing wall and bicycle tours to luxurious parties in clubs. It remains only to decide: where is your mood calling today?

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