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Unusual restaurant in Kiev for memorable dinner

In the D.Fleur menu, even the most demanding critic will find interesting novelties for himself, and a carefully selected wine list will help to complete the harmony of taste. The interior of the restaurant embodies comfort and coziness in the heart of the city. A relaxed atmosphere and comfortable sofas will create the right atmosphere for a romantic dinner alone, and for a big friendly company. When preparing dishes, the “sous vide” technique is used, due to which any dish acquires new taste qualities. Our chef is ideally mastered by the technology of su appearance. Believe us, you have not tried such octopus or salmon!

вкусно поесть в Киеве
В ресторане D.Fleur вкусно поесть в Киеве

Restaurant of Asian cuisine in the center of Kiev

Here you can taste dishes from real wok, a special frying pan, which is used in traditional Chinese cuisine. Also our cooks prepare on teppane – hot food directly from a frying pan gets immediately to your plate. Our chef will show you the branded show with a flambe, which looks really impressive!
In addition, all dishes are author’s. Our Asian cuisine is a creative approach to cooking combined with skills. And only in D. Fleur you can eat real shrimp Kataifi with Indian sauce Srirache Mae, a popular Greek snack.

D. Fleur – the nearest restaurant that will give you pleasant emotions

The key to the success of our dishes is that all products for their preparation are grown in ecologically clean areas. We carefully select each ingredient, so the restaurant of the club D. Fleur is rightfully considered one of the best in the city. In addition to delicious food, guests will find a lot of entertainment – sets of the best DJs, karaoke, dancing, show program, hookahs on fruit bowls. Come together, a company of friends or even a whole corporation – a pleasant pastime is guaranteed.

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