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Wedding is one of the most striking events in life. We are waiting for this, we prepare for this, we think about this. It is understandable that each couple wants to make this event special and unforgettable. The organization of weddings has long acquired the scale of the industry, and among the many institutions to choose the one that really can make this holiday memorable for a lifetime, it is not easy. Nevertheless, there is a way out. Trust wedding in a restaurant to those who are engaged in this professionally – and most of the routine troubles will give way to a pleasant anticipation of the celebration.

To lead a wedding in “D.Fleur” is easy. If you have your own vision of the main holiday of life – we will make it real. If you just say “make us beautiful” – your desire will be fulfilled.

For many couples, a wedding in Kiev is more than a simple exchange of rings and solemn registration. Wedding motorcade on the highways of the capital, white pigeons over the city, photos for memory in popular places in Kiev – all this and much more is just a small part of the celebration. But one of the most important parts of the wedding is considered to be a wedding banquet!

To hold a wedding in our restaurant means to forget about all the troubles and problems that inevitably accompany such an exciting event, and stop worrying about the money being wasted. Just one phone call – and our employee will help you in holding a wedding banquet in our restaurant.

Wedding banquet without unnecessary problems and unnecessary tinsel – it’s real. You can see for yourself by entrusting the organization of the wedding celebration to our restaurant .

Banquet Hall “D.Fleur” offers a menu for a banquet or a buffet table on the basis of dishes of any famous cuisine according to your desire. So, our chefs are masters of fusion cuisine – this means that they will prepare for you a wide variety of dishes of European, Mexican, Japanese cuisine. To work in the kitchen and serve the guests of the banquet hall foreign chefs, culinary culture bearers are involved.

No less significant services provided by the “D.Fleur” banquet hall are the preparation of sound design, as well as sound, projection and lighting equipment.

For the guests of the banquet hall “D.Fleur” we can offer the development of interesting entertaining scenarios, invite popular artists and DJs, and organize bright spectacular shows, unforgettable fireworks and salutes.

At the request of the guest, we are engaged in decorating the room.

There is a large and roomy parking.

We are not magicians, we just help make dreams come true!

Conduct a wedding banquet in Kiev with us – start a family life with a pleasant event!

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