Know where to go in Kiev at night?

 In Лучший ресторан в Киеве

“Show must go on”: When the Cinderella has to go home, and the real fun is just beginning, you can find a way to spend your time brightly. We put together the top essentials. Of those who should go at night in Kiev, to replenish their reserves of impressions. Catch the list and try to relax as if tomorrow will never come.

Where can I go when the clock is deep in the twelve?

All you need to do is to determine what the soul wants the most and find your version of the uniform disgrace. Still you ask: so where to go in Kiev at night? We stopped at three positions that close all requests for bread and circuses. Let’s Go?

where to dance in Kiev

Option 1 – dance and drink at the club D.Fleur

If heaven on earth existed, there would be its small branch. In the very center of Kiev you can relax in the format of a shock party. Get ready, because as soon as you cross the threshold of the club – you will be difficult to return to reality. Indeed, in D.Fleur time stops and only music rules the ball. Why so ask? Yes, everything is simple, because here:

  • The dance floor is stormed by world famous top DJs with minimal pathos
  • The sound is such that you can smoothly go into a trance and a state of blissful meditation. For all thanks to the special VOID system and the wonderful people who brought it to Ukraine
  • The show program is spinning until the morning and instead of with light and acoustics, it creates something incredible with your mind and consciousness.

In the club poster you can always find theme parties or events, so you can safely get right from the ship to the ball, even if you didn’t plan to go anywhere tonight.

where to dance Kiev

And what about food – where to go to eat?

On an empty stomach hits do not go. So, in the very center of Kiev, a restaurant was organized for you, where it is easy to sell your soul to the cooking gods.

The chefs spun such a fusion cuisine that you want to try everything at once: tender salmon in a creamy sauce, spicy octopus, Kataifi shrimps with Indian sauce Srirache Maye, wok – the smell of which swells nostrils. As you understand, all night can be spent only in one restaurant. Fortunately, there is a wonderful wine list and you can drink a thick red Merlot while watching how your food sizzles in a griddle. After all, we have not said? In the restaurant D.Fleur they cook on teppan, in general, for real Asian cuisine, exactly here.

In general, what is there for food:

  • Asian and European cuisine, and this is all possible sushi, wok and other tasty things
  • Meals are prepared using special equipment “sous vide” – it means that each of your orders will be with a special taste
  • Cocktails, wines and lemonade wine list will not let you die of thirst and boredom

What if I’m tired of dancing?

It seems you can not leave the club until the morning. The designers tried to divide the zones so that everyone could relax in their own rhythm and format. Soft sofas in which you drown and spread, a lounge area with hookahs, karaoke – here you can relax and forget.

And if you are looking for where to eat or where to go at night, you can safely let go of your legs, body and head in D.Fleur.

где в киеве можно потанцевать

Option 2 – Hang in a movie

If you need to decide where to go tonight, pop the corn in your hands and forward to a night session. Fortunately, cinemas offer a bunch of movies after eleven in the evening. Of course, usually these are thrillers and horrors that scrub your nerves and tickle your armpits. But sometimes you can find zaboristoy comedy or festival films.

As a solution to the problem “where to go at night”: search for themed movie nights or short film festivals. Our choice is halls with comfortable sofas and armchairs that swing, there it is convenient to soak up, if that.

Option 3 – sitting in a bar heartily

This is an option for those who want to knock on glasses and glasses, shake the bar counter and the roar of voices, dissolve into conversations. If you want delicious cocktails and a little atmosphere of American films, a glass of noble whiskey, a bit of gangster stories, look for tru pubs in the basements. Fortunately, in the center of Kiev, they are enough.

And if the soul asks for parties and tasty snacks, you can spend the night in gastropubs, for music and dancing, by the way, you can also go there. Although a real bar, what is it? A little underground, mysterious and dimmed, so that I wanted to whisper, but I had to shout down to my neighbors. If you want everything at once and some author’s cocktails, you can safely look into D.Fleur, which is already familiar to us. There, after all, not all the menus managed to try?

dance in Kiev

So, if in the evening in the center you pricked the idea of ​​where to go at night in Kiev, get ready for the festival of dancing and belly. It will be nourishing, fun and enchanting. The capital is definitely not sleeping and you can relax so that you have to sleep for another day after the rest.

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